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Sailor Pluto

She is one of the tallest characters in the game, so her "crouching block" ability isn't very good. Her attacks can shield her from attacks better than the other senshi, and they also have good range. Pluto's speed is on the average.

Home Stage: Door of Time

Dead Scream
Button Sequence: D, DB, D, DT, T + P
Range: Medium/Long

Sailor Pluto creates a tornado. If a weak punch is used, the tornado will travel far, but not across the screen. If a strong punch is used, the tornado will be almost impossible to jump over, but the range is medium.

Cronos Typhoon
Button Sequence: T, D, DT + P
Range: Medium

Sailor Pluto creates a tornado which travels diagonally towards the opponent and up, which can hit low and high.

Strict Sweep
Button Sequence: (Charge) B, T + K
Range: Medium/Long

Sailor Pluto uses her staff as a vault to launch herself at the enemy with a kick.

Dimension Dance
Button Sequence: T, DT, D, DB, B, T + SP
Range: Medium

Sailor Pluto's desperation move. She dashes toward the opponent, and if she makes contact, she repeatedly beats on the opponent, finishing with an uppercut-style blow with her staff.

Other Moves:

Rod-Lock Knee Machine Gun: (close to opponent) T + SK
Back Skip: (quickly) B, B

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