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Sailor Uranus

Overall, Sailor Uranus is the fastest character, and one of the strongest. She can make a quick dash towards her opponent (by tapping towards twice), and strike quickly. Her crouching block isn't very good, and her attacks can either hit high, or low at a long range.

Home Stage: Water Fountain at the Park

World Shaking
Button Sequence: T, DT, D + P
Range: Long

Sailor Uranus strikes the ground, where a ball of energy is sent towards the opponent.

Space Sword Blaster
Button Sequence: D, DT, T + P
Range: Long

Sailor Uranus uses her Space sword to create a wave of energy that travels diagonally towards the target and up. Effective for jumping opponents.

Diving Gaea Crush
Button Sequence: T, TD, D, DB, B, BU, U + K
Range: Short

Sailor Uranus grapples her opponent, leaps in the air, and comes down spinning, and driving the opponent head first into the ground.

Destructive Carnival
Button Sequence: T, TD, D, DB, B, DB, B, DT, T + SK
Range: Medium

Sailor Uranus's desperation move. She dashes toward the opponent, and if she makes contact, she repeatedly beats on the opponent, finishing with a Diving Gaea Crush.

Other Moves:

Grand Remover Kick: (close to opponent) T + SK
Strong Wind Break: (close to opponent) T + SP
Dash: (quickly) T, T
Back Skip: (quickly) B, B

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