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Sailor Moon Supers Fighting Game

This page is about the Sailor Moon Supers fighting game for the Super Famicom (a.k.a. Super Nintendo). It is a Street Fighter style game, with the 10 Sailor Senshi being the playable characters.

I am not selling this game, nor do I know any retailers that have it readily available. You could always check E-bay to see if it is available.

Pick a Sailor Senshi, to see their moves.

Super Sailor Mercury | Super Sailor Venus | Super Sailor Moon | Super Sailor Mars
Super Sailor Jupiter | Sailor Saturn | Sailor Uranus | Sailor Neptune
Sailor Pluto | Super Sailor Chibi Moon | Game Tips

Note: Here's a key for the button sequences.
T= Towards opponent
B=Away from opponent
SP=Strong Punch
SK=Stronk Kick