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 News for September 2, 2002

Sailor Moon Supers Fighting game box art - I'm still working on those new features. Other projects have been in the way of getting those things done, such as work. For those interested, my sis & I have made a Hamtaro page. Click here to check it out.
- On a good note, I am working on the Unofficial Sailor Moon 2003 calendar. Get a sneak peek by checking out -> January 2003 <-.

 News for July 10, 2002

Nehelenia, as a child - Oooh...a new look for the page. Something about it bothers me somewhat, but I'm kinda tired of working on it, so here it is. I'll be working on some new features for the site, and I'll also be working on the 2003 calendar. Hopefully, the next update will come before November. Oh yeah, the screenshots for the ICQ skins don't work, but you can still download the skins themselves.

 News for March 14, 2002

Feeeed me!!!!!!!! - As usual, updates are few and far between 8-(. I am currently in the process of redesigning the webpage (for the nth time, I lost count). I've also been in the process of making another webpage, and during the redesigning process, I hope to upload the files missing in the download section.